The Supernatural (#1)


So with Christianity there’s usually a big elephant sitting in the corner of the room. I can talk about faith, hope, love and “Do unto others” etc. But many might shy away from the… weirder side of the faith: the supernatural. In this case the elephant isn’t sitting so much as hovering about juggling fire while whistling Beethoven’s 9th upside-down (Google images let me down on that one)

We got water turning into wine, people walking on water, dead raised to life, demons cast out of people, healings left, right and centre, prophecy, special knowledge… all in all pretty strange stuff, right. One of the very first steps to becoming a Christian is accepting a bloke died on a cross and was alive 3 days later! So yeah… there’s that.

Remember the scene in the second Matrix movie where Neo meets with the oracle on the park bench right before 50 agent Smith’s crash the party? She starts talking about all the weird stuff you hear about like ghosts, angels, vampires, aliens, etc., are programs who have stopped working as intended and decided to hide in the matrix. A grand explanation for all the weird stuff you hear about in the world around us.

Well Christianity, being an all-encompassing world-view, has an explanation as well. Strange lights in the sky, alien abduction, things that go bump in the night, witchcraft and magic. There’s just too much evidence in this wide world around us to dismiss it so easily as the delusions of charlatans, crackpots and the mentally ill.

We see the dark side of these things as ‘demonic activity’. Now when you see those two words all sorts of images and ideas are conjured up in our minds, heavily affected by movies and popular culture. Christianity holds that the story of the Universe (or the meaning of life) is God reconciling Man to himself. And Satan hates both God and Man. His pride wants to destroy that relationship. If he keeps you blissfully unaware of Jesus then his job is done. Ghosts, aliens, magic, etc. serve to confuse people about the nature of reality, rather than clear things up, or show a “new” kind of truth. There is a spiritual realm that our natural eyes cannot usually see.

There is much more to say on this topic. The supernatural isn’t only the realm of evil things. There’s also angels and God’s Holy Spirit doing some pretty amazing things. Things that are still happening today. The point of this blog is to at least try and make you aware that, as the bard says, “There are more things in heaven and earth… than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” There is power out there, outside of Jesus that power can be dangerous, and even enticing to some. With Jesus, however, not only is there no fear of these things, there is also power to make them flee.

I’ve seen people healed in front of my eyes, I’ve seen people know things about my life and others that they could not have possibly known. There’s so much more to this life. Jesus is still doing some amazing things in our midst. Do you have eyes to see?